Akris hosted a Season Kick-off Party at its Worth Avenue store in Palm Beach featuring selections from its new Winter/Cruise 2023 Collection.

The international fashion house founded in 1922 in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Its sleek collections for a discerning clientele of women with purpose are designed by creative director, Albert Kriemler, epitomizing an effortless modernity that defines a woman’s presence and enhances her charisma.

The third-generation family-owned fashion house is globally revered for its innovative doubleface fabrics, rarefied horsehair accessories and collector’s scarves, for pushing the boundariesof St. Gallen embroidery and pioneering digital photo printing techniques.

 Since 2004, the Swiss fashion house presents its collection at Paris fashion week. Akris has subsidiaries in Japan, the United States and Korea and operates its own boutiques in major cities around the globe. The collections are also available in more than 200 selected points of distribution worldwide.

Akris Director and Worth Avenue Association President Gregg Beletsky welcomed guests to their store including: Akris’ Catanna Berger, Luciana Vittoria, Mary Alice O’Malley, Kelly Sant’Albano, Angela Sant’Albano, Nancy Stone, Angela Ashton, Karen Talwar, Edna Halo, Nidia Levy, Carol Garvey, Deanna Stepanian, Jacqueline Journey, Phyllis Freilich, Fran Rolnick and Marianna Abate.


Akris models
Akris Worth Avenue
Akris' Gregg Beletsy welcoming guests.
Gregg Beletsky and Angela Ashton
Nancy Stone
Alice O’Malley, Kelly Sant'Albano, Luciana Vittoria, and Angela Sant'Albano
Gregg Beletsy and Marianna Abate
Karen Talwar and Edna Galo.
Deanna Stepanian
Bruno Rinald and Nidia Levy
Jacqueline Journey
Phyllis Freilich and Fran Rolnick
Akris model
Gregg Beletsky and Carol Garvy
Akris staff
D_072 Atmosphere
N_16 Akris