According to myth, Ponce de León first came to Florida in 1513 on an expedition to find the elusive Fountain of Youth. Unfortunately for him, he might’ve landed about 500 years too early: Modern medicine has crafted a pharmaceutical drug that has Palm Beach buzzing about its miracle-like powers when it comes to staving off the aging process.

It seems these days everyone’s talking about Metformin. Initially, the drug was intended to treat type 2 diabetes by lowering high blood sugar. But new research shows that Metformin may have benefits for those without diabetes, too. Patients are touting its ability to slow the aging process, reduce inflammation, and even increase life expectancy. It may also be helpful with weight loss, according to Harvard Medical School.

Most impressive, a study by the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation suggests that Metformin might decrease the risk of dementia, as well as cardiovascular disease and cancer; it may also impact the onset of many other age-related diseases. No wonder it seems to be the talk of the town.