On a gorgeous day last December, The Bunker Artspace was alive with energy and conversation. The spirit was one of appreciation—to view works in person, to see one another, and to celebrate art once again. A new installation; a turn of the page.

Housing the private collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody, The Bunker Artspace opened in 2017 free of any expectation. “I created The Bunker Artspace because I wanted a place to show my art collection and curate thematic shows. I wanted to invite art lovers and those new to art, not just to see my collection, but to see that Palm Beach was catching up with the Miami art scene,” says De Woody. The response has been nothing less than positively joyful, and in the last few years, viewership has steadily increased—a reflection of Palm Beach’s evolution into a more cultural hub.

DeWoody and Sarah Gavlak are forces that have helped make the Palm Beach art scene what it is today; the following images are a testament to that. Taken at The Bunker opening in December 2021, these portraits celebrate a multigenerational and multicultural community—a diversity that can also be seen so keenly throughout DeWoody’s collection at The Bunker, as well as in the roster of talent at the Gavlak Gallery and in New Wave’s programming.

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