West Palm Beach was buzzing on Saturday night where more than 800 guests gathered for cocktails, dinner and dancing at the Norton Museum of Art, raising $4 million to support the their learning and community engagement initiatives.

The event—which celebrated A Personal View on High Fashion & Street Style: Photographs from the Nicola Erni Collection, 1930 to Now—was sold out before tickets even went on sale thanks to power chairs Lisa Tananbaum, Lorna James and Silvia Zoullas and their all-star committee: Lori Gendelman, Nicki Harris, Karin Luter, Nicola Marcus and Anne Reyes.

Norton Museum Director & CEO Ghislain D’Humiéres and Chairman Bruce Gendelman welcomed guests who enjoyed cocktails while viewing silent and live auction items donated by artists including renowned photographer Catherine Opie (who spoke at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery earlier in the day), Nick Doyle, Danielle Orchard, Richard Prince, George Rouy and Marina Perez Simão. Chaired by Sue Wrigley and committee members: Sarah Calodney, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Candia Fisher, Nicki Harris, Jane Holzer, Waqas Wajahat and Silvia Zoulllas, the auction was hosted by Sotheby’s and conducted live by auctioneer Michael Macaulay.

In attendance: West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James and daughter Amber James, Steve Tananbaum, Eliza & Alex Bolen, Gil Maurer, Amy & John Phelan, Sarah Gavlak & Barry Blumberg, Maynard Monrow, Curb Gardiner, Kelly Williams & Andrew Forsythe, Lauren Layne & George Merck, Duke Reyes, Kim Heirston, Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.), Katie Robinson, Burt Minkoff, Wendy Cox, Hilary & Wilbur Ross, Audrey & Martin Gruss, Alina DeAlmeida & John Paulson, Katherine Bryan, The Hon. Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, The Hon. John Loeb & Sharon Loeb, Teddy Tananbaum, Whitney Schott & Tyler Tananbaum, Simone & David Levinson, Sara & Jim McCann, Renee & Richard Steinberg, Gigi & Harry Benson, Burt Minkoff, Michel Witmer, Jean & Martin Shafiroff, Sylvia Hemingway, Jane Hanson, Yaz & Valentín Hernandez, and Amy Hoadley & Craig McCaw.

Lorna James with Mayor Keith James and daughter Amber James
Lisa & Steve Tananbaum
Works by Neil Jenney, Marina Perez Simão and Nick Doyle
Kelly Williams
Jennifer Feldman, Curb Gardner and friend admiring work by Sarah Meyohas and others
Arden Sherman with Lauren & George Merck
Untitled by William Turnbull, 1956
Beth Rudin DeWoody and Maynard Monrow
Christy Ferer with Artists Asfi Hoque and Amani Lewis
Eliza & Alex Bolen of Oscar de la Renta
Untitled by Darren Almond
Ghislain D'Humières and Nicola Marcus
Katie Robinson, Lorna James and Wendy Cox
Combattere 12 by Beatrice Caracciolo
Renee & Richard Steinberg
Yaz & Valentin Hernandez
Cornelia Bubble Lamp by Nacho Carbonell
Steven Henry, Sarah Gavak & Barry Blumberg
Teddy Tananbaum with Whitney Schott & Tyler Tananbaum
Burt Minkoff and friend
Ambassador John Loeb & Sharon Loeb