When you’re living in Palm Beach, there’s no shortage of fun, exclusive toys to play with on land and sea; whether you’re taking the latest sports car for a spin in the sun, or sailing a mega-yacht into the sunset for a romantic cruise, the options for exciting new gear are endless.

Case in point: The latest adventuring accessory to make waves among the jet-and-sea-set is a personal submarine. Offered up by Triton Submarines these compact subs are meant for the super-yacht lifestyle. After all, why limit those gorgeous ocean views to what you can see above the water line when there’s so much beauty below?

Triton makes a handful of different leisure models to suit your submarine needs. There’s the Triton 1650/3 LP, which will take a pilot and two passengers as far as 500 meters (1,640 feet) deep; the Triton 3300/3 MKII, the brand’s most popular model, which can go as far as 3,300 feet deep and stay underwater for up to ten hours; and then there’s the Triton 3300/6, the first to accommodate up to six people, which also boasts “the world’s largest transparent, spherical passenger compartment.”

Photo: Courtesy of Triton

If you’re looking for even more luxury in your personal sub, there’s Project Neptune: a limited-edition model in collaboration with Aston Martin. The three-seater features signature Aston Martin interior designs, near 360º visibility and a dive of 1,640 feet. Able to stay underwater for up to eight hours, this might be the most luxurious undersea experience this side of Atlantis.

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