Iconic designer, photographer, author, artist, and noted Palm Beach resident Kelly Klein has long donated the proceeds from some of her work to important causes she supports. Klein’s latest charitable creation is a longtime dream finally realized—a limited edition solid bronze object, an egg, based on one of her coveted porcelain designs. “I was blown away by them; I couldn’t believe how beautiful they were,” she says.

Klein first became a ceramicist around seven years ago, when she began taking classes at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach. Once Covid hit, Klein moved the studio over to her garage, creating organically-shaped vessels, pots, larger hand-built pieces, and hollow porcelain eggs in shades ranging from gold to onyx.

“How to make an egg is one of the first things I learned in pottery,” says Klein. “But I wanted to take them to another level.”

Inspiration struck when Klein noticed that friend and fellow ceramicist Julianne Moore had cast one of her own works in bronze with the help of Los Angeles–based sculptor Nancy Pearce. “I called [Julianne] and she introduced me to Nancy, and that’s how the bronze egg was developed.”

Weighing 17 pounds at 6 ½ inches long, the solid bronze eggs are as substantial as they are elegant, and cast in a California foundry from molds made by Pearce based on a ceramic sample created by Klein.   

Offered at $6,000, each glistening piece is signed and numbered (limited edition of 100) with all proceeds going toward supporting gun violence prevention efforts, a cause dear to both Klein and Moore.

To purchase, DM @kellykleinceramics on Instagram.