Kiera Rumbough—a great granddaughter of Marjorie Merriweather Post, and granddaughter of film star Dina Merrill—has returned to Palm Beach after two years sailing around the world. Rumbough, alongside boyfriend Tripp Brower of Charleston, SC, collected environmental data and shared cultural interest stories while on the expedition, run under Brower’s company, Apparent Winds.

“We are focused on environmental and cultural preservation around the world. We operate a sailing research vessel which, in addition to being available for charter by various scientific groups, acts as a platform for our in house data collection, headquarters, and our means of sustainable travel. Our mission is to share these stories through film, educational outreach, and the written word,” says Brower, who owns and captains the sailboat, called “Resilience.”

Kiera Rumbough, a flag carrier for Wings WorldQuest, aboard “Resilience.”

Rumbough, who earned her B.S. in Marine Science & Biology from the University of Miami in 2019, serves as onboard biologist and science coordinator. She is also a flag carrier with Wings WorldQuest, an organization that supports women in science and exploration. As a flag carrier, she is continuing to promote and embody the essential role women play in science, exploration, education, and advocacy, and a part of a global community of explorers and scientists who work together to inspire the next generation of women pushing the boundaries of conservation in our natural environments. 

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