Gilbert and George took Palm Beach by storm this week with an opening at White Cube in West Palm Beach on Friday night, followed by a reception and talk at The Norton Museum of Art attended by VIPS including Peter Marino.

The art scene in Palm Beach is on fire, with globally-renowned works by artists from Andy Warhol to Awilda Sterling-Duprey.

Preview PALMER’s curation of the latest can’t-miss exhibitions below:



in TIME E.H.

Photo: Courtesy of Acquavella

World-renowned Japanese artist Makoto Saito is celebrated in this exhibition opening at Acquavella on April 14. Dubbed in TIME E.H., 12 new and recent paintings by Saito will be on display, all inspired by the works of American artist Edward Hopper. Saito revisits some of Hopper’s most iconic pieces, which he then alters and deconstructs using a kind of pointillism. in TIME E.H. will be the international debut of this particular body of work...Through May 28, at Acquavella.



Awilda Sterling: Unbound Rhythms

Photo: Courtesy of Gavlak

Awilda Sterling-Duprey is an acclaimed painter, performance artist, and dancer from Puerto Rico who made waves with her daring work “…blindfolded” at the 2022 Whitney Biennale. That work—created on-site at the Whitney Museum while Sterling was blindfolded and listening to improvisational jazz, composed by Miguel Zenón—will be one of several of such ‘dance-drawings’ included in Gavlak‘s upcoming exhibition, Awilda Sterling: Unbound Rhythms...Through June 1, at Gavlak.


Lehmann Maupin

Thinking About What it is Made of

Photo: Courtesy of Lehmann Maupin

Tom Friedman‘s latest work is at the heart of Thinking About What it is Made of, Lehmann Maupin‘s exhibition set to debut on April 13. With his sculpture, drawing, and wall mounted works, the exhibition is figure-focused in literal and conceptual ways. “Medium Huddle,” seen above, was created specifically for this particular exhibition; while this sculpture stands at three-and-a-half feet, a life-sized “Huddle” was commissioned by the Dallas Cowboys for their training facility in Frisco…Through May 8, at Lehmann Maupin.


Pace Gallery


Photo: Courtesy of Pace Gallery

Already on view at Pace Gallery‘s Palm Beach location is Matta, an exhibition centered around surrealist painter Roberto Matta. Five paintings from the Chilean artist’s mid- and late-career have been chosen, which exemplify his mature style; Matta has often been cited as a major influence in the New York School, which included artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Through these works, Pace Gallery says the artist “parsed big questions centering on the origins of human consciousness, the arc of human history, and the makeup of vast, unknowable universes beyond the Earth.” …Through April 30, at Pace Gallery.



In Dialogue: Warhol’s Icons

Photo: Courtesy of Sotheby’s

Andy Warhol is an artist who needs no introduction: An icon in his own right, he pioneered the Pop art movement through his transgressive works. Many of his most recognizable paintings and prints are on display now at Sotheby’s Palm Beach‘s latest private selling exhibition In Dialogue: Warhol’s Icons, including Campbell’s Soup Cans, Dollar Signs, and Flowers, as well as several celebrity portraits…Through April 30, at Sotheby’s.


White Cube


Photo: Courtesy of White Cube

Playing with a double meaning—’corpsing’ is a theatre term used to define an actor suddenly stepping out of role, as well as referring to dead bodies—White Cube‘s new exhibition on artist duo Gilbert and George is dubbed The Corpsing Pictures. The thought-provoking work is amongst the duo’s most personal to date, and viewers are confronted with images composed of the artists’ faces, bones, decaying plant matter, and cut string. This is art which dares to be provocative and confrontational…Through May 13, at White Cube.

Next stop for Gilbert and George is New York where they will be on view at the Lehmann Maupin Gallery.