A PALMER hit list of what’s new, now, and next from around the globe—from our obsessive-at-large, Wynn Burson Cateron.

This summer, The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth’s Robert Motherwell: Pure Painting will be a must-see–a retrospective of 56 pieces from throughout Motherwell’s expansive, 50-year career (he died in 1991) designed to explore the artist’s impact on abstraction and Modernism in general, and presented at an institution with a long history of exhibiting Motherwell’s most important work…on view from June 4–September 17.


"The Homely Protestant," 1948
"Caprice No. 3," 1962
"The Garden Window," 1969/1990
"Summer Open with Mediterranean Blue," 1974
"Elegy to the Spanish Republic," ca. 1962/1982
"Face of the Night (For Octavio Paz)," ca. 1977-79/1981
"Stephen’s Iron Crown," 1981