Calodney Advisory is teaming up with Carpenters Workshop Gallery for the third year in a row on a joint exhibition, called In repetition there is difference. Opening June 30 in Aspen, the exhibition puts works of art together with design.

“The pieces in the show are activated by each other, in the same way they would interact in a home. It brings a lot of comfort and invites people to spend more time, and actually discuss the works they are looking at. We want to create a space that is beautiful but also feels creative and that people are not intimidated by,” says Sarah Calodney. 


Carpenters Workshop Gallery New York. Photograph by Matt Harrington.


Highlights include a Richard Prince nurse painting; a Yayoi Kusama infinity net, which is one of the largest the artist has ever created and draws on the artistic practice of rhythm and repetition; and a work by Donald Judd—one of his single stacks, with colored plexiglass illuminating the space. Judd repeats the same form; although they look industrial, each piece is handmade, with the small nuances in the work revealing the artist’s hand. 

A series of talks will also be held throughout the exhibition. “[We] see the space as a site for cultural activation,” says Calodney. “I am so excited for this iteration of our summer show in Aspen, a small town with so much culture, diversity, and incredible art.”