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When photographer Peter Ash Lee, Seoul-born and Toronto-raised, learned of the Haenyo, the women of the centuries-old, multi-generational free diving tradition of female breadwinners on Jeju Island, Korea, he sought to document their incredible legacy. He is now publishing a book on what is likely to be their last generation of free divers.

Lee’s images are poignant; glowing with sunlight as well as these divers’ intense physical and emotional strength, belying the gritty, difficult truth that the Haenyo’s skilled tradition is a dying one; due to younger generations not being interested in taking on the grueling work, as well as the seascape suffering increasingly depleted, challenged resources…The Last Mermaid, $50; Special Edition with Sea Urchin darkroom print, $350, by Peter Ash Lee, from http://www.peterashlee.com/book