Elegant hosts Hillary & Wilbur Ross threw book party in honor of Brett Baier’s new tome, To Rescue the Constitution: George Washington and the Fragile American Experiment (Mariner Books, 2023). Toasting the best-selling author were many of his Palm Beach neighbors, including Emilia & Pepe Fanjul, Suzanne & Woody Johnson, Sara & Charlie Ayres, Grace & Chris Meigher, Debra Norville, and Alina de Almeida & John Paulson.

Hilary & Wilbur Ross with Amy & Bret Baier.

Emilia & Pepe Fanjul.

Monica Crowley, Woody Johnson, and Martha MacCallum.

Alina de Almeida & John Paulson.

Sara Ayres and Suzanne Johnson

Jack Geary, Kate Gubelmann, Wendy & Howard Cox.