Nick Hissom and Kameron Ramirez of Aktion Art kicked off the social season with a party for more than 200 guests at Jane Holzer’s new art warehouse in West Palm Beach featuring the artists Kevin HEES, Conor Addison, ThankYouX, Nick Hornby, and Wes Aderhold. 

Guests included Olympic Swimmer Connor Dwyer, Andrea Hissom-Wynn, Diesel Peltz, Bruce Beal, Perri & Bob Bishop, Lauren & George Merck, Lena Jolton, Christine & Gene Pressman, Whitney Schott & Tyler Tananbaum, Billy Gilbane, Bruce Beal, Joey Jacobs, Bruce Heilander, Jeffrey Tousey, Devon McCready, Amanda & Tony Cummings, Spencer Schlager, Jordan Randall, Kim Charlton, Pamela O’Connor, and Bryan Ludwig who danced the night away to The Box’s Johan Pfeiffer’s curated Studio 54 beats.

Known for their signature art parties at the Museum of Arts and Design, Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, and Art Basel, Nick and Kameron co-founded the Palm Beach-based gallery. There, they bring historical pop and modern masterpieces (many from the collection of Steve Wynn, Nick’s step-father) together with contemporary art, as well as many self-taught artists.

Inspired by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, whom they also show and sell, Nick and Kameron have helped turn HEES into a six-figure artist in just three years.