Leading the industry for 20+ years in domestic staffing, Leeward Staffing is here to discreetly help you manage your household and keep it run smoothly with an array of candidates to choose from.

Florida native JJ McDonough is a husband, father, and the founder of Leeward Staffing. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University, JJ has been in the industry since 2000, and successfully sold several travel hospitality businesses throughout his career before settling his focus on staffing. In 2017, he launched Leeward Staffing, providing fully vetted freelance and full-time professionals in estate management, hospitality, culinary arts, health and wellness, childcare, recreation and more.  Leewards extensive list of professionals allows our clients to maintain a seamless lifestyle whether at home or on holiday.

JJ’s many years of experience in the high-net-worth space is what sets Leeward Staffing apart, and allows the company to provide world-class service to the most discerning clients.

McDonough is an active member of Domestic Estate Manager Association, Hypoluxo Island Board, Palm Beach County Preservation Society, and the Surfrider Foundation. When he is not enjoying the coastal lifestyle at home, McDonough can be found personally servicing client accounts around the globe.