If you like to surf – or just want to learn, P.B. Boys Club is the source for all  information about surfing, skateboarding, skimboarding, paddleboarding and lacrosse lessons. “With more families and children moving to the island, we have lots of people asking about surfing lessons, especially women and girls,” owner Rick Wentley says.

Where’s the best place to surf on Palm Beach island? The island features a world-class surfing area just off Reef Road, which plays to Wentley’s passion for surfing. The Surf Guru website reports that ”although moody, Reef Road is by far the best spot in South Florida, with excellent waves by any standard … surfers can expect healthy crowds and a higher level of skill. It’s a great spot for advanced surfers.”

Need an instructor? Call J. Wentley : (561) 512-4453