A PALMER hit list of what’s new, now, and next from around the globe—from our obsessive-at-large, Wynn Burson Cateron.
Stroll Garden, a Los Angeles-based gallery that exhibits contemporary ceramics, has popped up in the Hamptons at the former studio of American Abstract Expressionist artist Adolph Gottlieb with the show, Where Land Meets Sea – a group exhibition curated by Brooklyn-based ceramicist Jane Yang-D’Haene.
Included are photographs documenting the multi-generational tradition of Haenyo divers in Jeju Island, South Korea by Peter Ash Lee, and over twenty sculptures by five South Korean contemporary artists: Yoonjee Kwak, Jaiik Lee, Re Jin Lee, Eun-Ha Paek, and Jinsik Yoothrough September 4th. Exhibition Hours: Thursday–Sunday, 12-5pm. Contact [email protected] for address.