Martha Stewart has reinvented herself, once again. This time, as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model—and the deals keep coming! PALMER caught up with Martha at home in Bedford this summer, and looks back at a trip she and her daughter Alexis took to St. Barth in the 1990s, photographed by Jean Pigozzi, currently featured in PALMER On the Road.


Where is the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star swimming this summer? In your pool in Bedford? Or the ocean in Maine?

A little bit of both.


You’ve graced the covers of so many magazines, did this one hit different?

The response to this cover was utterly impressive. It was so nice to hear positive responses from so many.


Did any old boyfriends call?

An old friend sent a Cartier Juste un Clou ring, with a note saying “nailed it”.


Martha Stewart and daughter Alexis, St. Barth, 1990, by Jean Pigozzi.


Do you have a favorite bathing suit brand?

I love Eres.


How much time do you spend in Maine? How is life different there compared to Bedford?

Life in Maine is a bit more quiet. I try to spend as much of the summer up there as possible; I’ve got such a nice group of friends there. Each summer is different.


What is your favorite recipe for summer entertaining?

I love cooking with garden-fresh vegetables—tomato salads, cucumber salads and the like.


Will you be going “Out East” at all this summer? 

I hosted a talk for The Southampton Garden Club in July. It was so nice to see so many old friends and acquaintances.


Any plans to travel abroad this summer?

I’m heading to Greenland and Italy at the end of the summer.


How is your restaurant, The Bedford, doing out in Vegas?

The Bedford is thriving. We celebrated the first anniversary of its opening in August. You must check it out the next time you are in town.


Will we see you in Palm Beach this season?  

I love visiting friends in Palm Beach and look forward to coming down this winter.


What were some of your product launches this year?

We have so much going on including three shows for The Roku Channel; my weekly podcast with iHeart; new collections with Skechers and The World of Martha on Amazon. There is never a dull moment!


Are you and Snoop Dog working on anything?

We are both working with BIC on new designs for our EZ Reach Lighter collections.


How are your daughter and grandchildren?

I’ve enjoyed spending a lot of time with my daughter and grandchildren in Maine this summer.