Despite a summer rainstorm of almost mythical proportions, Brunello Cucinelli CEO Massimo CaronnaPALMER Editorial Director Stefano Tonchi, and landscape architect and environmentalist Edwina von Gal hosted one of the most elegant dinners of the summer under a candlelit tent in the magnificent East Hampton garden of Gordon VeneKlasen and Adrian Pia. The evening was in support of von Gal’s non-profit, Perfect Earth Project, which promotes beautifully designed and environmentally conscious land care practices.

“The rain has made tonight even more magical,” said Caronna as he welcomed the 50 invited guests and honored the iconic fashion brand’s legacy of global environmental efforts.

Among the attendees were Kim Heirston, Leah and Stanley Rumbough, Joey Wölffer and Max Rohn, Reneé and Richard Steinberg, George Ledes, Gunnar Spaulding, Robert Marc, Donna Lennard, Maxwell Federbush, Anne Templeton, Mario Palumbo, Kate Richards, Peter Kirwin, Toshi Yano, Phoebe Fitz, David Maupin, Abby Lawless, and Paul Renwick.

Massimo Caronna
Gordon VeneKlasen, Adrian Pia, Edwina von Gal, and Stefano Tonchi
Kim Heirston with Gordon VeneKlasen and Adrian Pia
Max Rohn and Joey Wölffer
Reneé and Richard Steinberg
Kate Richards, Peter Kirwan, and Natasha Caronna
Giorgiana Magnolfi, Toshi Yano, and Kate Richards
Natasha Caronna, Massimo Caronna, Maxwell Federbush, Sarah Fiszel, and Aly Gradone
Edwina von Gal with Christine & George Ledes
Mario Palumbo, Anne Templeton, and Edwina von Gal
Wynn Burson Cateron, Donna Lennard, and Stanley Rumbough
Nina deBurgh, Cole Rumbough, Allegra Rumbough, Stanley & Leah Rumbough, and Phoebe Fitz
Gordon VeneKlasen, Gunnar Spaulding, and Robert Marc
Abby Lawless and Paul Renwick
Stefano Tonchi
Wine from Wölffer Estate Vineyard
Edwina von Gal and David Maupin
Brunello Cucinelli, Palmer and Edwina von Gal Host Dinner to Celebrate Perfect Earth Project
Whitney Vargas, Stefano Tonchi, Massimo Corona, and Giorgiana Magnolfi
Giorgiana Magnolfi, Massimo Caronna, and the Brunello Cucinelli team