Just in time for the Christmas stocking, acclaimed journalist and PALMER Contributing Editor Michael Gross has released his newest book, Flight of the WASP: The Rise, Fall and Future of America’s Original Class (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2023).

According the Publishers Weekly, the much-anticipated tome from the author of Model and 740 Park, paints “an immersive and nuanced group portrait of New England’s elite from 1609 to today…Striking an expert balance between the big picture and intimate thumbnails, this is an enlightening study of American culture.”

In New York, Michelle & Asher Edelman hosted a champagne book signing and launch party that attracted journalists, authors and friends, some of whom are featured in the book such as Nick & Jackie Astor Drexel, George Biddle, Christine Mortimer Biddle, Liz & Jen Bonsal, Podie Peabody Lynch, Sara Stuyvesant and George King.  

Flanking a book signing at The Palm Beach Book Store, two dinners in Palm Beach were held in Gross’ honor. The first was given by Laurie Bodor at Swifty’s at The Colony Hotel, and the second, at the home of Ann Desruisseaux. Guests included: Somers & Jonathan Farkas, Tatiana & Campion Platt, Earle Mack, Shannon Donnelly, Molly & Nick Mele, Alvin ValleyDanielle Rollins & Tom D’Agostino, Pam Taylor Yates and Alex Hamer.

flight of the wasp

Roger de Cabrol, Michael Gross, Asher & MIchelle Edelman, and Bara de Cabrol

flight of the wasp

Candace Bushnell and Nicole Miller

Christine Mortimer Biddle and Roy Kean

flight of the wasp

Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Yanna Avis

Ed Kosner and Michael Gross

Nicole Miller, Pam Taylor Yates, and Sessa & Richard Johnson

Michelle Edelman and Jamee & Peter Gregory

Nicole Miller and George Wayne


flight of the wasp

Ben Diamond and Alexandra Lebenthal

Steven M L Aronson and Christopher Mason

Michael Gross with palm Beach hostess Ann Desrussieux

flight of the wasp

Danielle Rollins & Tom D’Agostino, Margaret Luce and Krystian Von Speidel

Alvin Valley, Michael Gross and Alex Hamer

flight of the wasp

George Ledes, Robert Caravaggi and Michael Gross at Swifty’s Palm Beach