Leading luxury Italian watchmaker, Panerai, has returned to Worth Avenue in a new location and with a newly imagined boutique. Located at 221 Worth Avenue, it joins the company’s existing Florida boutiques in Bal Harbour, Miami and Naples.

This year, the brand also opened a new flagship on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, which has been heralded for its open, innovative design, and they are expanding throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Founded as a workshop in Florence in 1860, Panerai combines the best of Italian design with cutting-edge Swiss technology. Through the years, it has become the global standard for luxury sport watches.

As one of the world’s most coveted brands, Panerai marries precision, functionality and style. Its innovative use of modern materials,  including Goldtech™, ceramic and metallic glass, distinguishes well known and well-dressed men and women alike.

The brand spent decades supplying the Italian Navy and its diving corps with precision instruments. Two of the original designs developed by Panerai, the Luminor and the Radiomir, have become contemporary symbols of iconicity since the brand transitioned from military watches to the commercial watch market.


Radomir Annual Calendar Goldtech™ PAM1363


The Radiomir, patented in 1916, is named for the radium-based substance that illuminates the face to aid visibility in the dark. Over the years, the Radiomir has been modernized, but still maintains the spirit of Panerai– refined details and classic elegance.

The Luminor, also created for military use in dark environments, has birthed a collection emblematic of the Panerai name.

These days, the brand is a staple of chic, well-dressed men and women everywhere, and its recognizable and coveted silhouettes make it a welcome addition back in Palm Beach.

Contact the boutique to schedule an appointment: https://www.panerai.com/us/en/network/boutiques/palm-beach.html

Luminor Marina Goldtech™ Sole Blu PAM1112