To celebrate the opening of the newly reimagined Loro Piana store on Worth Avenue, the company’s CEO Matthieu Garnier hosted a private dinner with PALMER to honor philanthropist Audrey Gruss, founder and chair of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF). The brand also hosted a Shop-for-Hope event in-store the following weekend where a percentage of sales was donated to bolster her efforts on behalf of cutting-edge depression research.

Fifty dinner guests enjoyed a menu of Hamachi Crudo and Miso Seabass while Garnier welcomed their special guests and toasted Mrs. Gruss saying how much the company admired her philanthropic work and appreciated their partnership with HDRF.

PALMER Editorial Director Stefano Tonchi recounted,”I have a long history with the Loro Piana brand and family, and I’m very proud to be here tonight to celebrate their beautiful new store on Worth Avenue. Sergio Loro Piana and his brother PierLuigi always combined a love for great traditions with commitment to quality and purpose and this is still in the DNA and in the mission of the company.”

He continued, “I admire those same qualities in Audrey Gruss. She has a great respect for traditions and puts purpose into everything she represents—the very best in philanthropy, a force in Palm Beach society and history.”

HDRF Founder and Chair Audrey Gruss graciously thanked her hosts and informed guests about the important and groundbreaking inroads made by HFRF-funded research. She said, “our Depression Task Force of top brain scientists have identified 20 genes out of the tens of thousands in the human body that are implicated in depression and anxiety.  These genes point to real targets in the brain that can be treated. The next step is to take these 20 targets into human clinical trials for development. This is major progress toward a new era of depression treatment and prevention.”

Those in attendance included: Daisy Soros, Victoria Wyman, Martin Gruss, Michael Berman, Dylan Brandt, Hollis Bradley Pica, Kim Heirston, Kelly Barel di Sant’ Albano, Paola Wallace, Sarah Gavlak & Barry Blumberg, Louisa Benton, Livio Damiano, Bettina Anderson, George and Harry Hagerman, Amanda & Tony Cummings, Whitney Schott & Tyler Tananbaum and Elena Parker.

Next year, HDRF’s Sixth Annual 5K Race of Hope to Defeat Depression in Palm Beach will be on Saturday, February 17, 2024. Proceeds from the Race will fund groundbreaking research into the root causes of depression in the brain and new and better treatments. To sign up or learn more, please visit the website

Honoree Audrey Gruss

Loro Piana CEO Matthieu Garnier, Daisy Soros, Audrey Gruss and Victoria Wyman

Daisy Soros and PALMER CEO Michael Berman

Barry Blumberg, Sarah Gavlak, Dylan Brant and Victoria Wyman

Audrey Gruss and Bettina Anderson

Amanda and Tony Cummings

Tyler Tananbaum and Whitney Schott

Harry and George Hagerman

Louisa Benton, Audrey Gruss and Hollis Bradley Pica

Gabriel Monfried and Matthew Forssman

Paula Wallace and Kelly Barel di Sant’ Albano

Amanda Cummings and Loro Piana’s Elena Parker

Darren Marotta, Hollis Bradley Pica, Daniel Sponzilli and Bettina Anderson