Palm Beach is buzzing about Rob Wynne’s exhibition, The Underside of a Leaf, now on view at Gavlak Gallery through March 24.

About 100 guests attended the opening at the Royal Poinciana Plaza. The exhibition includes new and historical works by the New York-based artist and showcases a selection of his iconic poured glass pieces, archival photograms, and text-based works from the 1970s and 1980s, and reveals his experimentation with diverse materials and techniques, including embroidery, paint, thread, and industrial materials, and reflect his exploration of the boundaries of “kitsch and beauty, sappiness and profundity.”

The exhibition also coincides with the release of Obstacle Illusion, Wynne’s monograph published by Gregory R. Miller & Co.

Rob Wynne, Silver Peek, 2024. Poured and mirrored glass, 49 x 30 (124.46 x 76.2 cm).

Rob Wynne, Blue Day, 2017. Poured and mirrored glass, 102 x 78 in. (259.1 x 198.1).

Rob Wynne, Escape, 2011. Pigment print on canvas with silk embroidery and glitter, 28 x 24 in.