Television producer Taylor Sheridan—creator of Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone—lives  as he works, having recently purchased Four Sixes, the historic 270,000-acre Texas ranch, for well over $300 million alongside a group of other investors. The frenzy for monumental American ranches has grown at a fevered pitch over recent years due to scarce inventory, strong demand, and the status that comes with belonging to an exclusive club of illustrious billionaire cowboys that has included Ralph Lauren, Jeff Bezos, Henry Kravis, Ted Turner, Boone Pickens, and John Malone.

The new breed of buyer may be looking for an escape from bustling urban life; a private playground for riding or skiing; or a long-term land investment. Often, the ranches that come to market have been owned by a single family for generations who are no longer willing to continue with the required upkeep, and sell to buyers with cash to park.

Late last year, the sale of Boone Pickens‘ 64,000-acre Texas ranch, Mesa Vista, made headlines when it sold for $170 million. In 2021, Atlanta Falcons owner and Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank bought Dome Mountain Ranch in Emigrant, Montana for $45 million, just two years after closing on another 9,300-acre Montana ranch.